Corporates using External Learning Platforms

We've just gone through the process of investigating off-the-shelf web services for selling online courses so we thought it would be good to write a short post this interesting trend.

There are a tonne of options - Teachery, Ruzuku, Udemy, Academy of Mine - the list just goes on and on. It can be completely overwhelming. The important thing to remember is that there is NO BEST, single solution and you must weigh up your business needs and what you want to achieve. It's  easy to be bamboozled with the technology. 

In our situation, our client needed a very specific feature that many providers do not offer. Most of these platforms focus on selling courses to individuals on a one to one relationship. But what if you want to sell your course to large organisations who requires multi-seat licences? What do you do?

A couple of years ago we did a similar process for a client and could not find anyone offering what they needed - the ability to manage corporate clients. So, we built our own system. This was a lot of work and came with a whole host of issues to solve.

Since then, more providers have been offering the functionality of being able to manage organisations with multi-seat licenses. It appears that the increase in the demand for this type of functionality mirrors the growing trend for larger organisations to use cloud based learning options provided by external suppliers. 

This functionality is still in it's infancy and each provider is tackling it in their own unique way. Many of these providers still treat learner achievements in a silo mentality, based on their existing model of one to one relationships. There are options for exporting learning records but not as a standard. 

We are heading towards a time when individuals will want to take their learning records with them when they change jobs. The current in-house learning management systems do not allow this and the learning record stays with the organisation. Moving to one of these cloud based systems, where the learning is attached to the individual, rather than the organisation, means learners can show their potential employers their achievements. This can add a level of complexity as there are learning records saved in many different places. Something to think about!

We'll be keeping an eye on the future development of these services and how they affect larger organisations offering more diverse content for their staff. We will keep you posted.