Te Rito o Te Harakeke LMS

We've been lucky to have the opportunity to work with Kia Māia Bicultural Communications over the last three years on their the fantastic bicultural learning application Te Rito o Te Harakeke. Te Rito was developed using Adobe Captivate, initially for government organisations in New Zealand, and was designed specifically to be installed in SCORM compliant LMS systems. However, we found that many organisations that wanted to use Te Rito did not have an LMS and, although Te Rito could be installed on an organisations internal network, reporting was not available so a solution was required.

Kia Māia asked us to provide a solution where organisations could monitor their staff's learning through Te Rito. We looked at a number of off-the-shelf solutions but quickly realised there was no one solution that provided the features our client needed. To that end, we proposed to develop a bespoke Learning Management System to house and deliver Te Rito to organisations that did not have access to their own LMS.

Our solution was to develop a subscription based web application that organisations can use to monitor and manage their staff's learning through the Te Rito modules. The system allows organisations to administer their learners, and for learners to monitor their achievements, as they make their way through the modules.

If you're interested in trying the Te Rito modules, sign up for a free trial - Sign-up for a free trial account.