About Us

We are a small team of instructional designers and project managers who are passionate about taking a complicated process or information and breaking it down to easy to understand elements for all skill sets.

We understand the complexities involved in creating all types of learning material and the pressures that go along with that.  We will work with you to navigate these complexities and produce a solution that's right for you and your organisation.

We think holistically, not only about the learning required, but about the business processes involved, why the learning is necessary and the effects of that learning.  This enables us to discover the best solution for your organisation's needs.

We will work with you to implement the most painless and simple solutions that achieve the best result.

The Team

Paul Davis

Company Director

Paul has over 20 years experience in managing a wide range of businesses across multiple sectors.  He has an uncanny ability for finding the right people at the right time to get the job done. 

In 2016 Paul acquired Translating Tech Limited with the vision to enhance and expand it's service offerings in to new and exciting markets.

Carol Karl

Lead Instructional Designer/Project Manager

Carol has many years of experience working in the learning industry, starting as a workshop facilitator, eventually moving onto instructional design. 

Carol specialises in taking complex ideas and translating them into simple concepts to enable others to learn.  She also has significant experience in running businesses in several industries, giving her a unique perspective when working with clients.

Anaru (Andy) Karl

Senior Instructional Designer/Developer

Anaru has over 20 year’s experience in digital media communications comprised of a tapestry of education, strategic, creative design, technical development and business analysis. 

He is continually looking to the technological horizon to find innovative solutions to the complex design challenges faced today.  

Jenna Karl

Instructional/Graphic Designer

Jenna is the junior member of our instructional design team. She is an amazing creative who weaves a her unique flair through all our learning solutions. 

Before coming to our team she had experience in both corporate and the retail industry.

Tim Meredith


Tim keeps everything running which lets the rest of us get on with the important business of creating learning. Tim has many years experience in accounting and office systems (which he does incredibly), and he's passionate about the stuff we're not.


Office Cat

Rosie spends her busy days sleeping in her favourite spot, interluded with loud meowing when she wants to come in or out. She loves getting wet when it rains and especially enjoys telling us about it. Rosie is so dedicated that she even tries to go to work on the weekends sometimes.